Watson Principal

Watson Principal
Posted on 02/25/2020

Dear Parents, 

As you no doubt recall, Mrs. Joan Waldman has been on a leave of absence since September 16. The Board of Education has now accepted Mrs. Waldman’s submission of her resignation from the district for the purpose of retirement, effective February 29th. The Board also supports my recommendation to convert the status of Jen Pascarella from ‘Acting Principal’ to ‘Interim Principal’ as we commence a search for a permanent replacement.

In order to find a permanent replacement for Mrs. Waldman, we will follow the same procedures as we have recently for the Principals at Riverside and Wilson Schools. The search will commence immediately. Thank you for your careful attention to this note. While we don’t discuss matters related to specific school personnel, you are always welcome to speak with me about the education program at Watson and related matters.



Dr. William  H. Johnson