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Please note our plan is a living document that covers all of the information we were required to post along with the submission of our assurances. RVC will make its final determination once the Governor makes his announcement on the reopening of schools the first week of August.  We continue to work in our committees to refine the specifics at all levels.  As we learn from updated information, we will continue to update the plan with more specific details.  Please be assured that the education, safety and well-being of our students will be at the forefront of any plan that the District adapts.

RVC Re-Opening Plan submitted to NYSED

Submission of  Assurances - NYSED

RVC Re-Opening Plans

RVC Reopening Additional Information - Updated 2-22-21

District Medical Plan

COVID-19 Exposure Protocol

COVID-19 Symptom Protocol

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Procedures

COVID-19 District Hand Sanitizer Protocol 

COVID-19 Testing Plan

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